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Welcome to the Threads of Reading website of author, Karen Tankersley! This site is dedicated to helping educators learn about literacy and effective reading strategies to maximize their instructional effectiveness in teaching reading.

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New Book My newest book for reading coaches, Coaching the Threads of Reading: Strategies for Teacher Success has been well received since it came out in January. This book goes beyond the usual tips found in most literacy coaching books on how to set up a coaching schedule, build rapport and work with teachers. The book discusses the actual instructional skills and strategies that teachers need to help students of all age levels develop into strong and efficient readers. It offers specific chapters for working with K-3 primary grades, 4-8 intermediate grades and 9-12 high school content reading. I have also included many strategies and ideas that will help build strong skills that align to Common Core reading practices.

Purchase orders for multiple copies for schools may be sent to Southwest Training Development, 20118 North 67th Avenue, Suite 300-159, Glendale, Arizona 85308. 


Effective teachers of reading have a wide array of strategies which they use to build strong readers.  From the time children begin to imitate the sounds they hear in their environment, we are preparing students to be effective and thoughtful readers and thinkers. Clay (1991) says that reading is a “message-getting, problem-solving activity which increases in power and flexibility the more it is practiced.” Rosenblatt (1978) points out that “the reader brings to the text his past experience and his personality.” Both point out the interconnection between the reader and the text as an essential ingredient to making meaning. Reading is unlocking an author’s message by interpreting the symbols on the page, the author’s intent and combining it with the reader’s own background knowledge.  Great teachers understand this and use strategies like those contained on this site and in my books to help their students build strong threads of reading.

I hope you will find many helpful ideas and strategies on the pages of this website that will help you strengthen your own abilities to weave reading magic with the students you serve. Please check the growing tips and strategies on the Weaver's Blog and feel free to ask questions and leave your own tips and ideas.

I now have a new book to help parents build strong literacy skills at home. The book contains explanations of how to build reading skills for each age range from baby to teenager. In addition to sound advice in an easy-to read format, the book contains ideas for games and activities that can get the whole family involved in reading.

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