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Rewiring the Brains of Dyslexic Children

Posted by The Weaver on 4th March and posted in dyslexia

Learn about how the brains of children with dyslexia can be “rewired” to help children become strong readers. This is truly amazing and provides hope for all children who struggle with reading as a result of dyslexia.

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  1. ann

    I enjoyed the video; however, it mentions good instruction but what exactly is that instruction…multisensory, Orton_Gillinghman based?
    Thank you,

  2. The Weaver

    Thanks for the question. That’s a complicated question but yet a really simple one as well. Good instruction is the type of instruction that matches the student’s need. I once heard Pat Cunningham, author of the Four Blocks Literacy program, asked the question: “What is the best program to use for teaching reading? Pat’s response was, “For which child? I have to know what the child needs first before I can tell you that.” I agree wholeheartedly with Pat that teachers need many skills in their “bags of tricks” to be effective reading teachers. Some children do need multi-sensory approaches such as Orton_Gillingham, while others need to write to become effective readers. We have to stop asking “which program” and start asking what does the child need? Good teachers need lots of ways of teaching reading to be successful. The larger the “bag of tricks” the greater success a teacher will have in teaching reading. My book is about just what are those strategies that good teachers need to have at the ready.

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