Enhancing Student’s Listening Skills

School is out but we all know that if your students don’t “use it” they will “lose it” – their reading skills – that is.  As parents, we also are familiar with those “I don’t know what to do with myself” summer blues.  Listening to audio books may just be the answer.  If you student is looking for a relaxing way to spend some time this summer, have him or her check out www.audiobooksync.com.  This website holds a multitude of books  for students and families to listen to in audio mode.  This is great for the student who needs to enhance their vocabulary, English skills or who just want to build their background knowledge of classic books to better prepare themselves for College.  During the summer months from May 5th to August 17th, SYNC will be giving away 2 audiobook downloads a week based on weekly themes.  There is also a section for teachers with additional resources on the site.  This is a great way to help students enjoy reading, learn new vocabulary and keep those reading and comprehension skills razor sharp.

Summer Reading Keeps Reading Skills Sharp

School is finishing up for another year and those lazy days of summer are here. Since reading skills are directly related to use, children who don’t read during the summer can regress and lose some of their reading skill if they don’t read during this summer vacation. Encourage parents to keep children reading through the summer months by providing lists of high quality books for the child’s age range and by posting good summer reading lists on teacher websites. You can also encourage children to participate in local reading programs sponsored by libraries or local community organizations. The more children continue to read during the summer, the more they will retain their skills.